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Alert Solutions is pleased to announce a newly expanded customer support team. This team will provide phone and email support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in every time zone around the world.

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Alert Solutions FAQ

ExpandGeneral Information

Which versions of PowerSchool do you currently integrate with?

Alert Solutions currently works with any PowerSchool version over 7.0.

Will this notification system need access to school phone lines?

No, Alert Solutions does not leverage the school’s phone lines to send voice calls.

How can we send messages if PowerSchool is inaccessible?

Alert Solutions’ interactive voice response hotline (IVR) allows users to send voice calls to student families, staff and community members via a toll-free number from any mobile phone or landline. This feature is ideal in an emergency situation, when PowerSchool is inaccessible, during a power outage or loss of Internet.

ExpandGetting Started with Alert Solutions

How long does it take to have Alert Solutions up and running?

Alert Solution is completely and seamlessly integrated within your existing PowerSchool account. Activation is dependent upon current Alert Solutions’ implementation schedule and your school’s staff availability. Typically, installation takes place 2-3 days after Alert Solutions receives a customer’s completed install documentation.

Is there any additional software required?

No, our support team will simply activate Alert Solutions via your PowerSchool Admin Portal. Once the activation is complete you’re ready to get started!

ExpandPowerSchool User Permissions

Can we limit certain people from accessing Alert Solutions from within PowerSchool?

Yes. Alert Solutions has user permission levels that mimic those within PowerSchool in regards to accessing the “Functions” menu. If you are a district administrator and your PowerSchool user permission level enables you to have access to both the “Functions” menu and the entire district, you will have the ability to create, send and manage email, voice and SMS text messages for the entire district.

If you are a school administrator and your PowerSchool user permission level enables you to have access to both the “Functions” menu and your individual school, you will have the ability to create, send and manage email, voice and SMS text messages for your individual schools. Page view permissions may also be used to adjusted access to Alert Solutions for different groups as desired. Alert Solutions has the capability of creating an unlimited number of user-defined roles and an unlimited number of user accounts.

ExpandBuilding Your List

How does Alert Solutions access parent/guardian contact information for phone, text and email?

Alert Solutions is embedded within PowerSchool, so each broadcast accesses PowerSchool data in real time.  Anytime a change is made in PowerSchool, you can subsequently send out a message seconds later, and the list will include the changes you made.

How do I select student records with which to communicate?

Alert Solutions leverages the PowerSchool current selection which makes calling groups not only unlimited but also easily built on demand. In addition, the system offers a filtering feature which can further granulize call, text, or email groups.

General broadcasts are merely a matter of adding students to the PowerSchool current selection and then clicking our link on your PowerSchool side menu, then clicking send email/voice/text/Facebook. You can select one or many communication channels at a time. Messages sent go to all delivery points simultaneously.

How many phone numbers and email addresses can be assigned to each student?

You can assign an unlimited number of phone numbers and email addresses to each student.

ExpandSending Messages

Can I send attachments via email?

Yes, Alert Solutions supports an unlimited number of email attachments. Alert Solutions recommends the file size does not exceed 3MB, as anything larger could negatively affect the deliverability of the message.

Does Alert Solutions require two separate numbers for phone calls and SMS text messages?

Both voice calls and SMS text messages can be sent to one telephone number, as long as it’s a mobile-phone that can accept SMS text messages.

Can our school or district use a Short Code to send SMS text messages?

All Alert Solutions customers will use Short Codes for SMS text messages. Using short codes will drastically improve the rate at which text messages are delivered and received.

How fast are emails, phone calls and SMS text messages delivered?

Email, voice and text broadcasts are transmitted instantly. Even for larger lists, you can expect to reach your school community within minutes.

How can we communicate with staff members?

Alert Solutions includes an option to add staff to your current selection of student records. This feature allows schools and districts to broadcast to their entire school community at once.

Is there a way to retry failed messages?

Yes, Alert Solutions can be configured to retry failed messages up to 3 additional times.

How can we easily communicate with student families in our community who are not fluent in English?

Alert Solutions Communication Suite offers multi-language translation capabilities for both text-to-speech and text-to-text messages. In addition to recording voice calls in any language, Alert Solutions ensures the appropriate message with the requested language is sent to the correct student. This information will be pulled directly from the chosen field containing this information within each student’s record in PowerSchool. The following languages are supported:

Both Text-to-Speech and Text-to-Text
English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

Text to Text Only
Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, Galacian, Greek, Haitian_Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese_Portugal, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Welsh.

If a parent has more than one student in the same school, are they going to receive duplicate messages?

No, Alert Solutions automatically eliminates duplicate phone numbers and email addresses before the message is sent.

ExpandSecurity and Reliability

How is contact information sent to your servers and secured during that process?

All data moved is secured using 128-bit SSL encryption technology and a combination of pre-shared keys and client and server certificates.

Does Alert Solutions ensure functionality in the event of an internal technical difficulty?

Alert Solutions has a full recovery plan for all aspects of our network. Monthly restoration tests are conducted to ensure that all procedures are production-ready. Alert Solutions has policies and procedures in place for managing emergency situations. SLAs with Telco carriers coupled with a high-availability architecture ensure fast and reliable delivery. All data is backed up and full backups of data are performed daily, with incremental backups multiple times throughout the day, allowing for point-in-time restoration.

ExpandCustomer Support and Training

Is there a limit to how many training hours we receive?

All training is included in the total price of the system. Initial training takes place in the form of an online webinar. All subsequent web-based training is unlimited, but must be scheduled. Because the notification system is a component of PowerSchool, initial training is typically one-hour or less while subsequent training sessions vary depending on the number of attendees and the number of questions. Training support tools also include comprehensive user guide documentation and interactive video tutorials.

Once Alert Solutions is activated, do we receive any customer support?

Yes, Alert Solutions will provide 24/7 customer support for PowerSchool users.

How much does this customer support cost?

There is no additional fee for customer support.

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“Alert Solutions’ ease-of-use allows us to communicate with parents more efficiently. If we ever need assistance, the technical support team is great and always willing to help.”
Dennis Gonzales
Director of Technology, Ulysses USD 214
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