Applications – SwiftK12 School Notification System

Common applications and use-cases for Alert Solutions’ SwiftK12 school notification system solution include:

School Closure Notifications

Mother Nature is unpredictable. Having a reliable way to send school closure notifications to your school community is an essential part of running a safe and responsible school and district.

Alert Solutions’ SwiftK12 school notification system offers PowerSchool users the ability send school closure notifications to student families and staff using popular communication channels including email, voice, social media and SMS text messaging.

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Automated Attendance Notifications

One of the biggest drains on school office productivity is the daily attempt to reach parents of students with unexcused absences.

With the SwiftK12 school notification system, school administrators now have the ability to automate daily attendance notifications from directly within their PowerSchool application.

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Automated Low Lunch Balance Alerts

Research shows that negative lunch balances can result in tens of thousands in additional district expenses.

SwiftK12, a fully-integrated school notification system inside of PowerSchool, helps schools reduce school lunch debt with fully automated low lunch balance alerts.

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Improve Parent Involvement

Regular, targeted communication is beneficial to increasing parent engagement, and using a parent notification system to communicate is the key to improving parent involvement.

Using real-time contact information from PowerSchool, Alert Solutions’ SwiftK12 parent notification system can send messages to parents and staff within minutes.

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Go Green with Alert Solutions

In the era of Hybrid technology, paperless billing and eating organic, the concept of “Going Green” has become a phenomenon. We are all looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly in order to preserve our planet for future generations.

From automated daily attendance alerts to upcoming test reminders and late assignment alerts, Alert Solutions’ allows PowerSchool users to become proactive in communication while improving data consistency and helping the environment by going paperless with SwiftK12.

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Speak Up! Anti-Bullying Management Tool

With more and more states enacting anti-bullying laws, many school administrators are asking themselves what they can do to help combat this growing problem while maintaining compliance with the law.

Speak Up!, an advanced anti-bullying monitoring and management platform built directly within PowerSchool, helps dramatically reduce school bullying and cyberbullying incidents while maintaining student anonymity.

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