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NEW! Parent Call-Back Hotline

To reduce inbound call congestion and demands on office staff, k-12 schools can use SwiftK12’s Parent Call-Back Hotline to easily share information with parents.

Set a recorded message to play when parents call back – providing all relevant information while keeping your staff and main phone lines free.

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NEW! Fee Balance Alert

Fee collection can be a costly and timely process in most k-12 schools. The SwiftK12 Fee Balance Alert feature enables school administrators to easily automate fee collection from parents and guardians through phone, SMS text message, or email notifications.

Free up staff from the tedious task of fee reminders and effectively recover unpaid balances with this helpful tool.

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SwiftK12 PS Mobile App

When an emergency situation occurs, school administrators know that every second counts. The SwiftK12 PS Mobile App allows PowerSchool users to send email, voice, social media and SMS text alerts directly from their smart phone.

Better yet, because it’s part of the SwiftK12 school notification system, the app still enables schools to instantly access contact information stored within their PowerSchool application.

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Social Media Integration

Social media is an excellent way for a k-12 school or district to share information rapidly with students, families and staff members. Reach the broader school community by easily posting important messages to your school’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Alert Solutions’ SwiftK12 school notification system enables school administrators to automatically post messages to their school’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as their website via RSS feed without ever leaving their PowerSchool application.

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PDF Builder Module

According to research conducted by Edutopia, a school with 100 teachers can use about 250,000 pieces of paper annually. Combined with yearly printing and mailing costs, a school this size can spend nearly $40,000 on paper alone!

With SwiftK12’s PDF Builder Module, PowerSchool users can now automatically email report cards, progress reports, transcripts, evaluations, student schedules and more to student families without ever leaving PowerSchool.

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PowerTeacher Messaging Integration

SwiftK12, the only real-time school notification system available within PowerSchool, now enables teachers and staff to send messages to students and parents from directly within PowerTeacher.

From classroom assignments to permission slips and student evaluations, SwiftK12’s PowerTeacher Messaging Integration empowers teachers to increase student and parent communication and improve parent engagement.

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Speak Up! Anti-Bullying Management Platform

Alert Solutions now offers PowerSchool users an anti-bullying monitoring and management platform, Speak Up!.

Built directly into PowerSchool, Speak Up! is designed to help dramatically reduce school bullying and cyberbullying through anonymous two-way communication.

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PowerSchool Parent Portal Integration

Let’s face it, people change email addresses and phone numbers all the time. With K-12 schools managing volumes of students every day, it is nearly impossible to guarantee that all of the contact information that you have on file is correct.

The SwiftK12 school notification system is completely integrated within PowerSchool’s Parent Portal. This integration enables schools to send messages using real-time contact information.

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Multi-Language Translation Tool

Unprecedented demographic shifts are diversifying our nation’s schools more than ever. Tried-and-true school communication methods, such as fliers, memos, and newsletters aren’t going to resonate with all parents anymore.

Alert Solutions’ SwiftK12 school notification system provides PowerSchool users with a multi-language translation tool that can automatically translate messages via text-to-speech and text-to-text.

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Voice Features

  • Send Voice Calls via Text to Speech or .Wav Voice Recording
  • Supports Merged Data Fields (Example: First and Last Name)
  • Multi-Language Text-to-Speech Translation
  • Detailed Reporting in Real-Time
  • Message Preview Available

SMS Text Messaging Features

  • SMPP Delivery of 140 Characters Limit
  • Supports Merged Data Fields (Example: First and Last Name)
  • Detailed Reporting in Real-Time
  • Message Preview Available

Email Features

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