Save Time and Money with the Automated Report Card Module


The Challenge

Staff members at Kentucky’s Assumption High School have always sent report cards, transcripts and other materials home to parents the old fashioned way:  printing documents, stuffing envelopes and paying for postage.  Parent mailing addresses were stored on several different contact lists, which sent staff members searching to find the most accurate information each time a mailing was scheduled.

After adding up how time-consuming and expensive this process was, administrators started searching for an easier and more cost-effective way to send important documents home to student families.

The Solution

In 2012, administrators at Assumption High School chose to implement Alert Solutions’ Communication Suite. Seamlessly integrated within their PowerSchool student information system, this suite included a multi-channel school notification system as well as an Automated Report Card Module.

The Automated Report Card Module enabled staff members to automatically email report cards, transcripts, student evaluations and more to student families directly from their school’s primary data source, PowerSchool.

The Benefits

Assumption High School’s process of sending home important documents is now streamlined.  Alert Solutions allows administrators to email report cards and transcripts to student families from directly within PowerSchool in a matter of minutes.

By eliminating their dependence on stationary, ink and postage, Technology Director Joyce Koch estimates an annual savings of $1,745 on postage alone.

Because Alert Solutions is completely embedded within PowerSchool, staff members no longer need to manage multiple contact lists to send time-sensitive documents. The increased efficiency saves clerical staff dozens of hours per year.

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“In the past, it would take 3 to 4 staff members folding, stuffing and stamping for a few hours to send out report cards. This time with Alert Solutions' Automated Report Card Module, the entire process took me 15 minutes. The money and time saved, along with the ability to receive feedback from parents immediately has been wonderful!”
Kathy Fleischer
Registrar, Assumption High School
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